Give your customers a stable supply – prevent damage and downtime with one of the world’s leading fire and explosion protection systems

With a fire and explosion protection system from Nextech, you can effectively prevent and combat fires and explosions – achieving optimal safety for your employees and reliability for your customers.

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of fire and explosion protection components from a number of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field. All our products are tested and approved to the highest safety standards by Europe’s leading testing bodies, including VdS and TÜV. Our systems are also ATEX approved.


Get fire and explosion protection from an industry expert 


Nextech’s fire and explosion protection experts have more than 15 years of experience in the field, and have delivered protection solutions to CHP plants all over the world. We therefore have extensive knowledge of the particular risk areas in this sector that need to be protected, for example:

  • Hammer mills
  • Transport systems
  • Silo systems
  • Combustion chambers
  • Filter units
  • Cyclones
  • Flue gas filters
  • Filters
  • Storage areas/containers with materials at risk of spontaneous combustion


How Nextech fire and explosion protection works


An advanced, tailor-made fire and explosion protection system from Nextech provides optimal protection against fires and dust explosions. Sensitive detectors and effective extinguishing systems ensure that ignition sources are detected and extinguished as soon as they occur. Should a fire or explosion actually develop, the system automatically sounds the alarm and initiates extinguishing and mitigation measures to combat them quickly and effectively with minimal consequential damage.

Achieve maximum safety with a fire and explosion protection system containing:

Spark extinguishing

Effective spark extinguishing ensures that ignition sources – e.g. sparks from foreign objects in processing machines, conveyor belts or ventilation systems – are extinguished as soon as they occur, preventing fires and explosions.

We offer a range of the world’s leading spark detection and extinguishing products, and in each case can put together a solution with the types of detectors and extinguishing agents that provide maximum safety in the given CHP plant. 

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Fire detection

Automatic fire detection ensures that a fire is detected as soon as it starts, so that extinguishing can be initiated as soon as possible. We offer a range of different types of fire detection, so in each case we use the type of component that provides the most effective detection in the particular context. 

Our detectors can be used inside production plants/transport systems, in large halls or outdoors for monitoring storage areas with combustible materials. 

Our product portfolio includes smoke detectors, temperature monitoring and IR monitoring.

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Explosion protection

Effective explosion protection consists of both prevention (e.g. through spark detection and extinguishing and thermal monitoring to detect overheated components) and mitigation measures such as dampers to relieve the force and flames of an explosion, or extinguishing to contain the explosion and prevent the spread of flames to other parts of the plant.

Our product portfolio includes a range of detectors, venting components and extinguishing agents tailored to effectively and quickly prevent and combat explosions in e.g. silos and transport systems.

All our products are ATEX approved. 

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IR monitoring

Thermal monitoring via infrared cameras enables effective prevention of fires even before they can be detected by the naked eye or smoke detectors. The camera data is processed by advanced software and compared with the normal temperature fluctuations for the area in question, and shutdown and alarms are triggered immediately in the event of particularly rapid or particularly drastic temperature fluctuations. 

The cameras are specially designed for use in challenging environments, so their performance and reliability are not affected by factors such as dust or dirt. 

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Foam fire extinguishing

Foam fire extinguishing is used in spaces where traditional water-based sprinkler systems do not provide sufficiently effective extinguishing, or where there is a risk of fires in hazardous and highly flammable materials, such as oil and gas, or recyclable materials for incineration, such as tyres and plastics.

The use of foam as an extinguishing agent ensures both that the fire is extinguished quickly and effectively, as the oxygen supply is cut off, and that reignition is prevented, as the foam forms a sealing layer over the combustible material. 

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Inert gas fire extinguishing is used for effective fire protection of items such as server racks, electrical panels or PLC control cabinets. 

We offer an effective and reliable gas-based fire extinguishing solution based on advanced rocket technology developed under the European Space Agency, ESA, which means that the solution meets this industry’s high safety and reliability requirements. 

Advanced detection initiates extinguishing with inert gas inside the cabinet/rack being protected, displacing the oxygen and smothering the fire within seconds, thereby preventing secondary damage from heat and smoke development. 

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Fire protection for vehicles

Automatic fire protection of heavy vehicles such as trucks ensures that engine fires do not spread to other vehicles or to warehouses with combustible materials. 

We offer one of the world’s most effective fire protection systems for vehicles – German manufacturer protecfire’s detexline system, which is installed in the engine compartment of the vehicle itself and automatically detects and extinguishes emerging engine fires.

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Fire protection for kitchens/canteens

With rapid automatic fire protection of the cooker and deep fryer in the canteen kitchen, fires in overheated cooking fat are detected and extinguished quickly and efficiently. 

We offer a specially developed fire protection system for kitchens from the German manufacturer protecfire, which detects and extinguishes emerging fires ultra-fast and efficiently. The system’s extinguishing agent also forms a protective seal afterwards, preventing reignition. 

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We put together a fire and explosion protection solution based on a thorough risk analysis of your operations, including the mapping of specific risk areas.


The solution is composed of the detection and extinguishing components that provide optimal protection for your particular operations.