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Nextech distributes one of the world’s fastest fire extinguishing systems for vehicles: the detexline 4912 developed by protecfire.

The fire extinguishing system was originally developed for the German mining industry, and is therefore tested and approved in accordance with some of the world’s most stringent safety requirements.

It has since been further developed and safety approved for a number of additional applications, including agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, construction machinery and vehicles for passenger or freight transport.

The detexline system is thus approved for fire protection of buses and is thereby ready for the new EU requirements for fire safety in buses that will come into force in 2018.

Installing a detexline fire extinguishing system can also mean that the company will find it easier to obtain a lower risk assessment and profile for the vehicle in question from the company’s insurer, as the extent of consequential damage is significantly minimised.



See how the detexline system works in the video below: 




The benefits of a detexline vehicle fire extinguishing system:


  • Ultra-fast response time – RTI value of 12
  • Tested and approved under SP method 4912
  • Mechanical, automated and ultra-fast fire extinguishing that also prevents reignition
  • Manual activation option
  • 10-year warranty when a service agreement is signed with Nextech
  • Fire protection that is constantly on stand-by and neither dependent on power nor under pressure
  • Not affected by vibrations, impact, shock, or contamination by oil or dirt
  • Can be used in geographical areas with temperatures from -30 to +80 degrees
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Works for extinguishing various types of fires, including liquid (e.g. diesel oil), dry materials (e.g. wood chips, wood, grain, dust, rubber, wiring) and electrical installations


We will be happy to visit you without obligation with a demo case so that you can take a closer look at the system. 

Fire protection for vehicles

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