Nextech offers the world’s fastest and most widely used spark extinguishing system, produced by Fagus-GreCon.

The system is ATEX approved and automatically detects and extinguishes sparks or smouldering embers in enclosed areas of production, processing or transport systems in which various types of dust or other combustible material pass or are stored.

Extinguishing is accomplished using techniques targeted at the system in question, including water, gas or damper closure. Our range of detectors and extinguishing measures means that we can always design a tailored solution that provides optimal protection in each individual company.

The spark extinguishing systems can be used, for example, in:

  • Dark areas (e.g. inside pipes or silos)
  • Bright areas (e.g. at conveyor belts or production lines)
  • Areas with high temperatures (e.g. in drying processes)
  • Areas with low temperatures
  • Exposed environments, e.g. corrosive or very dirty environments
  • Areas with explosion risk



Watch the video below to see how a spark extinguishing system works:



Project design steps for a spark extinguishing system

The design, engineering and installation of a spark extinguishing system follows this project plan:

One of Nextech’s spark extinguishing experts will visit your company to identify risk areas in storage areas, production lines, transport systems, etc.

The number and location of detectors and extinguishing measures are defined.

System interfacing to servers, control units, remote access, alarm and extinguishing systems is defined.

The system is designed and engineered by our experts.

The system is presented and discussed with you.

The system is installed, tested and commissioned.

Relevant staff receive training in the day-to-day use of the system and in how to handle alarms.

Annual servicing is carried out, by agreement, by Nextech technicians or the company’s own trained staff.

Any replacement of components and refilling of extinguishing agent after system activation is carried out by Nextech.