Nextech offers advanced foam fire extinguishing in challenging conditions.

We are Denmark’s preferred dealer of products from InnoVfoam, Europe’s leading specialists in the development and production of foam extinguishing systems.

Foam fire extinguishing is extremely effective for extinguishing fires in, for example, highly flammable liquids or other materials where water cannot be used as an extinguishing agent, or in spaces so large that water extinguishing is not effective enough.

The foam forms a sealing layer over the burning material, which both smothers the fire by blocking the supply of oxygen and prevents reignition as it does not evaporate afterwards.

Our product portfolio includes foam proportioners, remote-controlled foam fire monitors and expanding foam fire extinguishing systems, enabling us to deliver a tailored, effective and reliable fire protection solution that provides optimum safety, whether protecting a helipad, an aircraft hangar, large conference and sports centres, or expansive storage facilities.



Watch the video below to see how a foam fire extinguishing system works: 



Project design steps for foam fire extinguishing systems:

The design and installation of an InnoVfoam fire extinguishing system follows this process plan:

One of Nextech’s fire protection experts will visit your company to identify areas that need safeguarding.

The number, size and location of fire protection systems (including the type and location of fire detectors, extinguishing components and foam type) are defined.

The protection plan is reviewed and approved by the company.

The fire protection system is delivered and installed by Nextech technicians.

The system is put into operation.

Relevant staff receive training in the day-to-day use of the system and in how to handle alarms.

Any replacement of components and refilling of extinguishing agent after system activation is carried out by Nextech.