Nextech offers advanced fire detection equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers: Fagus-GreCon and Schrack Seconet.

Fast and effective fire detection ensures that fires are detected at an early stage so that targeted extinguishing can be initiated immediately and consequential damage prevented.

Our fire detection components can be used in a wide range of industries and in both closed production systems and exposed environments. The components are combined in tailored solutions that provide maximum protection in each production plant.

The fire detection components have a high level of sensitivity, ensuring rapid detection as soon as there is a risk of a fire occurring. This automatically triggers countermeasures and alarms to limit or avoid costly damage and production stoppage.

The components are also highly reliable, minimising the risk of false alarms.


Among other things, we offer equipment for the detection of:


  • Smoke and gas development
  • Critical temperature rises (acute and gradual)
  • Open fire




 Watch the video below to see how one of our fire detection components, the Schrack Seconet Aspiration Detector, works



Project design steps for a fire detection system

The design, engineering and installation of a fire detection system follows this project plan:

One of Nextech’s fire protection experts will visit your company to identify risk areas in storage areas, production lines and transport systems.

The number, size and location of fire detectors are defined.

System interfacing to servers, control units, remote access, alarm and extinguishing systems is defined.

The system is designed and engineered by our experts.

The system is presented and discussed with you.

The system is installed, tested and commissioned.

Relevant staff receive training in the day-to-day use of the system and in how to handle alarms.

Annual servicing is carried out, by agreement, by Nextech technicians or the company’s own trained staff.

Any replacement of components and refilling of extinguishing agent after the system has been triggered is carried out by Nextech.