Ultra-fast and effective extinguishing of cooking fat fires

Nextech offers the advanced Firespy fire protection system for kitchens from protecfire.

The fire protection system quickly and effectively detects cooking fat fires the moment they occur and triggers automatic extinguishing within milliseconds. This ensures that the fire does not spread to other parts of the kitchen or to the hood, extraction or ventilation system.

The fire protection system for kitchens is tailored to the individual customer’s needs. The system can be used for both cookers and deep fryers under the hood and freestanding cookers or deep fryers without an overhead hood, as these can be protected using detectors on the heat reflector plate installed above the cooker/deep fryer.


See how the Firespy system works in the video below:



Technical advantages of a Firespy fire protection system for kitchens:

  • Ultra-fast and efficient extinguishing
  • Prevents reignition when extinguishing is complete
  • 100% mechanical system that is not pressurised or dependent on a power supply to operate
  • High operational reliability
  • Quick installation
  • Flexible placement

Project design steps for a fire protection system for kitchens/canteens:

One of Nextech’s fire protection specialists will visit you for a review of your kitchen facilities to identify risk areas (including location of fryers, cookers, hoods and extractors).

The system is designed and engineered by our experts. In this phase, the number and location of detectors, atomising nozzles and extinguishing agent containers are defined according to the specifications in the technical manual.

The system design is presented and discussed with you.

The system is installed, tested and commissioned.

Relevant staff receive training in the day-to-day use and maintenance of the system and in handling the system on activation.

Annual servicing is carried out, by agreement, by Nextech technicians or the company’s own trained staff.

Any replacement of components and refilling of extinguishing agent after system activation is carried out by Nextech. The order form is available in the technical manual of the system.